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The generating unit


cement, video, 2’ 31, loop, resin, parametric speaker




This work attempts to create a space for thinking about the concept of time within human activity. This is done by arranging and recapitulating objects that encourage viewers to recognize the human scale in this present age, the Anthropocene. The stratum is a symbol of history that can be analysed by humans. Humans have built their civilization on sedimentation. The landscape seen under the window of this space represents a layer of the present, but this layer is not constant, and changes its condition at different points in time, whether it be in the past or in the future. In order to express the layers as concepts, the contours of the layers of cement are traced. The video works are time-stamped, and acted as if the time the video was shot was at the time-stamped date - much like a blockchain. The parametric speakers mounted overhead play a time signal, relatively corresponding to the time in the images.
This work is intended to draw attention to the fact that the past can only be represented by mere memories and records, and the future can only be represented by fantasies and calculations. This room exists to question the given concept of time.

Photo: Ujin Matsuo

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