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The Eternal Dreamtime


繊維強化プラスチック, 油彩, 水
FRP, oil paintings, water




This is a drawing performance using paints in a gallery place.
The title “the Eternal Dreamtime” is the idea of the Aboriginal people in Australia. It tells us that “It is possible to return to any moment and that time is eternal”. I often thought that we don’t have the tomorrow or the yesterday, today, the past, or the future. There might be only now and we are just here with some memories. When you think about this, the existence of self might be in danger. Speaking to the extreme, the concept of the past is doubtful because our memories are rewritten by aliens. If the continuity from the past equals self-identity, it can be said that my ego is only a very vague thing. When I stood at the gallery, I start to feel horrible. The space I thought was originally a sterile white cube, it turned into an organic and vivid space while I was drawing. I aimed to leave my traces in this place. Somehow I steal my shaking ego and assimilate with this place.
It is a space to share with the viewer the eternal time that I was making this work. It is now one of my memory strongholds.



Photo: 齋藤洋子

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