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Performance: There is nothing left to do but let time pass

There is nothing left to do but let time pass ‘時間が過ぎるのを待つだけ’ , Online performance, 20'00", 2020


sudo systemsetup -gettime

これはラップトップが持っている時間データを呼び出すただのコード。 画面を共有しているおよそ30名のアーティストに向けて行った20分に及ぶオンラインパフォーマンス。


これは人類特有の層状の時間感覚を表す、時間として取り寄せた瞬間に過去になってしまう様子、人間の営みの可視化のアナロジー。 私たち現代人もようやく共通の感覚に追いついたと感じたが同時に、そんな時代感を失ったある種の寂しさがこのパフォーマンスになった。 パフォーマンスとして定義したのは、これが肉体的な疲労を伴っているため。私の指は特定の時間が過ぎるまで同じコードを永遠に打ち続ける。私の指が止まってしまえばこのコードが打たれることはない。 このどうしようもない暗闇で何をするのか? 経った時間を見る行為の共有をオンラインで行う試み。

sudo systemsetup -gettime This code is calling the time that my laptop has.

The human race was once again aware of a higher being called a virus. For centuries, people have been overconfident that the only threat to our species was the same people. Covid-19 has a great impact on the earth. This performance was a free composition given only a form delimited by time. We judge time by looking at clocks. The performance began by questioning this fixed notion. The sharing of the act of an individual who just keeps calling out the time that the computer holds for twenty minutes from the terminal. Occasionally some errors occur and the time is recalled anew. Repeating, as a response to time-wasting, fear, life, madness, monotonous and lonely days.

This shows the Human-specific layered sense of time.

This is a system that becomes the past from the moment I call it the current time. This is a kind of visualization of human activities.

I thought that we, the contemporary human, finally caught up with this common sense, but at the same time, the loneliness that I lost such a time feeling let me do this performance.

I defined it as a performance because it involves physical fatigue.

My finger hits the keyboard and makes the same code forever until a certain amount of time passes. If my finger is frozen, this code won't be struck.

This is an attempt of sharing the act of observing the time pass online.


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