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Do my feet still touch the ground? [Melbourne]

Design: Delphine Byrne

Do my feet still touch the ground? 私たちはまだこの地に立っているか?

Southbank: 26 April - 30 April Opening night: 26 April from 5pm Open daily: 10am - 5pm.

VCA Artspace, 38 Dodds St, Southbank VIC 3006

諏訪部佐代子は2017年にメルボルンを訪れて以来、2020年にメルボルン大学美術研究科へ交換留学するという希望を持った。しかし、彼女の希望はCovid- 19によって大きく変化した。オーストラリアの国境が封鎖され、彼女の留学計画は2年間無期限にも思える延期を余儀なくされたのであった。2年前には許されたが今は入ることのできない場所、というアイディアが彼女の考えに大きく影響した。

Since visiting Melbourne in 2017, Sayoko Suwabe has had hopes of studying at the University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Fine Arts through VCA's and Tokyo University of the Arts exchange agreement, in 2020. However, her hopes were greatly altered by Covid- 19. Australia's borders were sealed and her plans to study abroad had to be postponed for two years. The idea that for two years she could not enter a country she had been granted entry to had a profound effect on her artistic perspective. 



Photo: Panisa Ongwat


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