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Unspecified Landscapes BUoY

Unspecified Landscapes, a solo exhibition of a series of photographs and installations and recent drawings

Unspecified Landscapes, 不特定の風景たち と名付けられた写真及びインスタレーション作品のシリーズと近年のドローイングの展示

Mixed media

Dimension variable

BUoY Artspace


Keywords: absence (of the artist), unspecified landscapes
In this exhibition, "Unspecified Landscapes," BUoY (the venue) was used as a material to sculpt the independent thoughts of mankind, leaving behind living traces.
Concrete is said to have had its original form as far back as 9,000 years ago. Concrete, which in Japan is a metaphor for rapid postwar economic growth, is a material that humans unknowingly leave behind while being a symbol of safe residence for them. In order to stand and live on land, human beings pave it with concrete. In disaster-stricken Japan, this structure is particularly evident, and everyday sand and gravel are transported, mixed with cement and solidified to erect buildings. The cement is not consumed for its own once the chemical reaction is complete.
Eventually, the building breaks down and is reduced to rubble, which is then taken away by the local government.
Stratigraphy is a symbol of the past, not circulation, but accumulation.
It is a space to learn about the workings of humankind, where layers are piled up without knowing what is buried underneath.
キーワード: アーティスト不在 不特定の風景
本展「Unspecified Landscapes,」では生きた痕跡を残し去っていく人類の独立した思想をBUoYを素材として扱い彫刻した。

Photo: Artist

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