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There is nothing left to do but let time pass


Online Performance




sudo systemsetup -gettime
This is just a code that calls up the time data that the laptop has.
A 20-minute online performance shown to approximately 30 artists via a shared screen.
Humanity is now once again aware of a higher existence, the virus. For centuries, people may have been overconfident that the only threat to their own species was themselves, but Covid-19 had the significance to change this. The format of the online exhibition was very free, given only the screen, transmitted over the internet through the teleconference software Zoom, [1]  divided by time. We judge time by looking at a clock, but this performance began by questioning that box that we were collectively staring at. An act, in which an individual just keeps calling out the time that the computer holds from the programming software Terminal for ten minutes, is shared. Occasionally an error occurs and the time is recalled anew. This is her response to the daily repetition, time-wasting, fear, life, madness, monotony and loneliness.
This is an analogy of human activity visualised: the way the present becomes past the moment it is retrieved as time, representing humanity's unique layered sense of time.
The performance was born from the sense of actualisation of modern people finally catching up with a shared sense, but at the same time, certain loneliness from realising the passing of a certain age.
The artist defines this act as a performance because it is accompanied by physical exhaustion. Her fingers would continue to strike the same code forever until a specific amount of time passed. Once her fingers stop, this code will never be struck.
What do we do in this helpless darkness? An attempt to share the act of looking at the time that has passed, online.
For privacy reasons, scenes from the archive that includes other people have been omitted.

sudo systemsetup -gettime

これはラップトップが持っている時間データを呼び出すただのコード。 画面を共有しているおよそ30名のアーティストに向けて行った20分に及ぶオンラインパフォーマンス。


このどうしようもない暗闇で何をするのか? 経った時間を見る行為の共有をオンラインで行う試み。


Video: GAP

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