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The image no longer exists

A performance of washing self-portrait in water


Acrylic on canvas, water

Dimension variable



This is a mixed work of performance and installation.
[This installation may contain specific content]
The installation begins with the statement above, and is expressed as a timeline that is a journey of escape from the inclusion in any specific image.
While exhibiting the installation, which is based on the concept of escaping from being identified, the artist posed questions about the timeline of images through a performance in which she washed her self-portrait in water.
Along with the performance of particles being transferred into the water, an image of what used to be a self-portrait was detached from the canvas and projected onto the floor.
What we think of as paintings, or what we hold as images, are nothing more than images and memories that have been processed by someone else. The painting itself, which is the essence of imagery, is probably being transformed at this very moment. While a painting inherently cannot exist without its materiality, it is difficult to notice this because they are given a body other than what is material in the present age such as jpg, png etc. In this fifteen-minute performance, I followed the image of what we call paintings in our minds.
The sound coming from the ceiling is a time signal telling a made-up (random) time. Many people today live under the assumption that time is linear and irreversible, but the artist shows discomfort with this assumption and has been living since childhood under a delusion that the past and future exist for this one moment. The purpose of this time signal is to create a comfort zone for the artist herself and to suggest that this time could be any time.

[This installation may contain specific content]

Video: Jiawei Li / Andrea Illés

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